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Izabela is an MIT student and a researcher.

She is a full Scholar at MIT and a Masters Fellow student. Digital Fellow Researcher at The MIT Initiative on the Digital Economy (IDE). As an AI strategist, her research focuses on AI product development, AI integration strategies ranging from tasks automation to robotics solutions. The research topic on ‘How and Why Robotics Automate Work: Analyzing Automation of Tasks using Machine Learning Suitability Assessment Metric’ was supervised by Professor Erik Brynjolfsson and Professor Julie A. Shah

She was a teaching assistant at MIT Sloan School of Management where she mastered and taught Negotiation Skills. Izabela often led a class of over 100 MBA students during weekly seminars. While at MIT she co-founded the first AI club that gathered over 150 students across the campus and got the support of MIT’s president L. Rafael Reif, Joi Ito director of Media Lab, Daniela Rus director of CSAIL, Jeff Dean of Google Brain and more. Her aspiration is to figure out what Artificial Intelligence could really become if we take a holistic approach and combine computer science, neuroscience and cognitive science. What kind of a new intelligence will emerge? 

Izabela is serving as a Global Shaper at World Economic Forum and is part of the Singapore Hub. Prior to MIT, Izabela was a full Scholar sponsored by Google to attend a 10-weeks Global Solutions Program at selective Singularity University based in NASA, California. She spent a summer learning about disruption, exponential technologies and how can we leverage these to drive scalable solutions in automation, AI development and human skills augmentation.

Izabela is also a passionate advocate for finding solutions and reimagining the future of work. She believes that everyone should have an access to meaningful work with purpose and embrace the mindset of lifelong learning. As people have a deeply rooted desire to be needed and to contribute to society, we must ensure that work opportunities are open to everyone.

Beyond technology and start-ups, she is a world explorer (lived in Singapore, Japan, Boston, San Francisco, Paris, London, Berlin, Poland) a Wonder Junkie (eternally grateful to Carl Sagan for coining this term) and she likes geeking out on neuroscience and how the human brain works. She currently lives between San Francisco and Singapore.  



AI won't be just an assistant but it will run our lives! 

... and it will do so much better than we could of have done it ourselves. From expenses planning, to food diet selecting, to travel organizing, job finding and partner matching. We will just simply have to show up.


Izabela Witoszko

Will AI be a human like intelligence?  

Is thinking about AI and comparing it to human intelligence limits our imagination of what AI could really be?  


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